The first offering from DJ NYK’s Official Record Label PlayLife to the EDM fans in India and beyond is the soundtrack ‘Living Kings’ featuring vocal of Stephen McNally, a UK Billboard chart-topping British singer/songwriter. The song is based on the story of every fantasist who is stuck in the daily rigmarole of life in pursuit of survival and how with a little introspection & risk they realize they are Living Kings in true sense.Living Kings is the first and foremost release on Play Life Records that will, without a doubt, be followed by many many more.

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NYK on Living Kings:

“Living Kings is an original track I composed and co-wrote with British singer/songwriter Stephen McNally almost 2 years ago. My Bollywood endeavors and back to back tours kept me busy and it is only now that I could strategize it’s release on my imprint – Play Life Records. I wanted to produce a song with meaningful lyrics – something that doesn’t get lost amidst the myriad of EDM music. A song that highlights aspects of life that everybody is aware of but is too afraid to challenge. A song that talks about risk and the importance of doing whatever is in one’s power to chase their dreams. Living Kings tells the story of every fantasist caught in the daily rigmarole of life in pursuit of survival, and how that with just a little bit of introspection and risk, they will realize they they are all Living Kings in true sense.”