Progressive Brothers latest track ‘F.U.T.S’ is out now on Dj Chuckie’s Record Label Dirty Dutch Digital.
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DirtyDutch Digital describes this track as some heavy synth laden, explosive bass driven and energy filled big room house with the upfront and uncompromising “F.U.T.S” from Progressive Brothers. Packing a monumental punch of power and energy, yet also pulling in plenty of emotion and drama, this is an epic workout that infects the brain and the feet in equal measure.
Snapping 808s, whirring synths and pounding 4/4s create an intense soundscape right from the start. As stabbing synths and futuristic keys filter in over the top, the drama begins to rise, soaring to the top of this undoubted stadium filler. As we push beyond the rafters, the track spills over into unadulterated frenzy with crunching synths, thumping drums and grumbling bass paving the way forward for this frenetic and unhinged to blast us beyond the stratosphere.

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